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  • 液體應用案例

    發表時間:2022/10/12 15:24:50


    Structure and composition analysis of Sn@SnOx nanocrystals synthesized by thermal deposition. a Low- and b high-magnification TEM images and c HAADF-STEM image of the Sn-SnOx core-shell structure and corresponding elemental mapping of Sn (green) and O (red).

    Peng, X., Zhu, FC., Jiang, YH. et al. Identification of a quasi-liquid phase at solid–liquid interface.Nat Commun 13,3601 (2022). https://- doi.org/10.1038/s41467-022-31075-z


    In situ TEM observation of the structural changes of hydrogen evolution active sites under different illumination time.

    In situ liquid optics chip: 20 nm silicon nitride.HRTEM images of Cu2O samples with different irradiated time: (a) 1 h, (b) 2 h, (c) 3 h, and schematic diagrams of (d) Cu2O structure change under irradiation.

    Yu, et al., Appl. Catal., B 284 (2021) 119743.


    The in situ observation of layer growth dynamics of InCl3.3H2O ultrathin nanosheets. Sequential TEM images of A) the nucleate growth of a single layer, C) the enation growth of a single layer, E) the enation growth of two layers, B,D) the corresponding statistics of the length of growth layer in (A,C) as a function of time, and F) statistics of the angle of enation growth layer in (E) as a function of time, respectively.

    Zhang J, Jiang Y, Fan Q, et al. Atomic Scale Tracking of Single Layer Oxide Formation: SelfPeeling and Phase Transition in Solution[J]. Small Methods, 2021, 5(7): 2001234.

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